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Leckerlee's lebkuchen tins follow the longstanding tradition of lebkuchen bakers proudly presenting their handcrafted confections in custom-designed decorative metal canisters. These beautiful tins also served the practical purpose of preserving the fragrance and flavor of the spiced treats. They were often purchased as seasonal gifts, a practice that continues today as holiday shoppers eagerly await lebkuchen producers’ new annual tin designs to give to friends and family. Our tins are a nod to vintage lebkuchen tins, such as the ones seen here. Many vintage lebkuchen tins have become collectors’ items today, and much like their historic counterparts, Leckerlee’s limited-edition tins are intended to be keepsakes - and perhaps collectors’ items - too. These premium tins are made of heavyweight tinplate and feature precision embossing on the lids. Turn the tin over and you will discover a small signature: a heart that mirrors the bear's heart on the top of the tin. The tins measure 4 5/8" in diameter and 5 1/4" tall.