Mini Lebkuchen Tin

  • Mini Lebkuchen Tin
Mini Lebkuchen Tin Mini Lebkuchen Tin Mini Lebkuchen Tin Mini Lebkuchen Tin

Mini Lebkuchen Tin

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  • Nuremberg-style lebkuchen is widely regarded as the finest gingerbread in the world. This gustatory heirloom has been handed down by Bavarian medieval monks and fiercely protected for centuries by lebkuchen guilds, confining its designation to the city limits of the German gingerbread capital. Until one enchanting Bavarian winter day, a crazy lebkuchen convert decided its destiny was to travel far and wide...

    This earthy yet elegant spiced treat - which falls somewhere between a cookie and a cake - is now being lovingly handmade for you in NYC by Leckerlee, the only modern-day lebkuchen artisan in the New World. We went to great lengths to develop a recipe so authentic and delicious that it would make old world gingerbread masters drool. Richly-spiced, nutty, aromatic, moist and chewy – it’s the quintessential seasonal confection. If you can’t make it to a festive holiday market in Bavaria, Leckerlee will take you there. It’s perfect with coffee or tea, or to share as a gift in the eye-catching tins.  

    -- Made in small batches
    -- 100% natural with no preservatives
    -- Highest-quality ingredients including nearly 40% nut content by weight (almonds, hazelnuts, marzipan), NY state honey, candied citron and orange peel, and our proprietary cold-ground 9-spice blend. Less than 10% wheat flour.
    -- Collectible tin makes a distinctive holiday gift. 
    -- Approximately 7-9 mini lebkuchens per tin = 7.5 oz.

    Contains an assortment of Classic (brushed with sugar glaze to enhance each spice) and Chocolate (enrobed in dark chocolate, a must of chocolate-lovers) mini lebkuchens.

    The Mini Lebkuchen Tin (NEW!): Old, old world meets new with this true Leckerlee original: the same delicious lebkuchen, only bite-sized. A mixture of chocolate and plain lebkuchen come in their own special-sized mini tin with a whimsical holiday graphic. The mini tin measures 4" in diameter and 4.38" tall.

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Olivia Sirio

These are so delicious, I could eat them all year long!!!



sunny kovachevich
As Good As Germany

Actually I would say better than when we lived in Germany. but do not want to upset anyone. We always looked forward to the holidays when we were there and the Lebkuchen was a big part. I usually bought a big decorative tin full to send home to family.
Anyway have been in the U.S.25 years now and this is the first time we have had lebkuchen, saw an article about your place and decided to try. Bought a few 3 pack boxes for gifts for my children, but my husband and I ate them all! Do not think I have time to order more before Christmas, but can be sure I will order a LOT more next year. Delicious!! thank you

Helmut K.
Transposed back home...

Being of Austrian descent, I have high standards when it comes to Lebkuchen. Leckrlee did not disappoint. Vielen Dank!

Nancy C.
Absolutely Awesome!

These cookies are great. You will not be disappointed. The flavor is superb and the tin can they're housed in is an added bonus. Everything including the service and quick delivery is first class. I bought one for myself, then quickly purchased another tin for my sister. I will return for these again and again.