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Andre's Basler Leckerli Andre's Basler Leckerli

Andre's Basler Leckerli

  • Chock full of almonds, honey, spices & orange and lemon peels, Basler leckerli (translation: treats from Basel, Switzerland) are like a distant Swiss cousin to lebkuchen, so it's no wonder that we're quite obsessed with these addictive, deliciously chewy cookies.

    We were delighted to discover that Andre's Confiserie Suisse (of Kansas City, MO) has been making Swiss leckerli cookies from a centuries-old recipe from Basel ever since the current proprietor's grandfather immigrated to the U.S. in 1955. Andre's leckerli is truly authentic, and as good as the best we've had in our extensive travels throughout Switzerland.

    If you're a fan of Läckerli Huus in Switzerland, you will surely enjoy these Basler läckerli.

    Baked with only the highest quality ingredients (they even candy their own peels!) and without preservatives.

    Available in a 12oz box (with 24 pieces). 

    Storage Notes from Andre's: The nature of the product is dependent on the weather so in the dry, winter months, the cookies are inevitably harder. Try this tip: store the leckerli in a jar with a slice of apple overnight. The leckerli will reabsorb moisture and become softer!

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely fabulous – expensive but quite worth it! USA shipping will always be faster and less costly than overseas. Excellent customer service, order process, timing and packaging.

Timeless and magical!

It's amazing how these leckerlee taste just like they did when I was young! Too bad the box contents disappear so quickly. Mmmm, wonder why?

Little disappointed

I was really looking forward to this delivery because what I had last year was fabulous. However, the items I received were very dried out and didn’t taste fresh.

Hi Kelly, I'm sorry that the Basler leckerli you received were dried out. We have sent you replacements as discussed in our email. I reached out to Andre's Confiserie Suisse for feedback about this issue, and for the sake of context, I want to share some of their thoughts here: 'Unfortunately, the nature of the product is dependent on the weather so in these dry, winter months, the cookies are inevitably harder. We go to great lengths to ensure that the cookies are sealed properly to help ensure that the moisture is maintained.' In our own experience, we've found that exposing the leckerli to humid air helps them to reabsorb some moisure. I hope that's helpful. Apologies again that the initial shipment didn't meet your expectations.


These Leckerli are magical…. They never fail to disappoint and are something I look forward to each year as a sign the holiday are coming. They are a special treat and every single member of the family loves them.

not as good as the lebkuchen

I was not as happy as I have been with the lebkuchen in past years; though the flavor was good, they seemed hard and almost stale. I also found the quantity quite small for the price.