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  • Saveur
    "I watched [my German-born husband] Michael take his first bite, assessing the spice blend, tender crumb, and fragrant aroma before devouring the chewy round and pronouncing it 'the real thing.'"— Grace Young, Saveur
  • "Packaged in a red patterned tin, Leckerlee’s spice cookies are big, tender and fresh-tasting.” — Food & Wine
  • “Navigate your way through the kitsch to seasonal spins on landmark local eats, like [...] handmade German gingerbread from Leckerlee.” — Ashley Day and Nancy Trejos, USA Today Weekend
  • Martha Stewart Living
    “Sandy Lee left Manhattan and moved to Berlin looking for a new start. She found it in a German Christmas cookie called lebkuchen. ‘I was obsessed at first bite,’ Lee Says of the spicy, nutty confection, which has notes of citrus and honey.” — Marli Guzzetta, Martha Stewart Living
  • “Even German expats find these gingerbread cookies (lebkuchen) baked on the Lower East Side by a lebkuchen obsessive named Sandy Lee bafflingly authentic — and delicious.” — New York
  • “The soft, cakey rounds are studded with almonds, marzipan, candied citron and orange peel and encased in a layer of dark chocolate or sugar glaze on top and edible wafer on the bottom.” — Mari Uyehara, Time Out New York
  • “This festive tin is stacked with a tower of giant German gingerbread-cookie cakes, each made with a bland of nine spices.” — Bon Appetit
  • First for Women
    “These authentic German gingerbread bites, or lebkuchen, taste like a mix between a cookie and a cake.” — First for Women
  • “In Brooklyn, New York, Leckerlee, the two-year- old business of Sandy Lee, makes just one item: traditional Nuremburg-style lebkuchen, also called Elisenlebkuchen, whose content is nuts rather than any great amount of flour.” — Edward Behr, The Art of Eating
  • Lecker
    “I’m dreaming of a Leckerlee.” — Lecker
  • Qvest
    [Translated from German]"...when these treats come not from lebkuchen's home town of Nuremberg, but from the world metropolis of NYC, the Christmas cookies come in lovingly designed tins...Leckerlee lebkuchen is now on top of our Christmas wish list!” — Qvest
  • Paper
    Paper Magazine named Sandy Lee’s Lebkuchen Tin one of the top 100 gifts for $100 and under.