Town & Country

"[Sandy Lee's] fabulous confections rely on the classic Nuremberg recipe, which features a nine-spice blend and a dough heavy on almonds and hazelnuts, and they’re everything lebkuchen should be—including a wonderful way to bring the true taste of Christmas back to the table.” — Ruth Reichl

New York

"Send them an only-available-during-the-holiday-season treat. My favorites: aged-one-year fruit cakes by Robert Lambert and Leckerlee lebkuchen that comes in special-edition tins." - Winnie Yang

Boulder Weekly

"Lebkuchen (pronounced leyb-koo-kuhn) has the intense spice of the best gingerbread but this soft, dense cross between cake and cookie is something completely different...quite a find for certain taste buds." - John Lehndorff

Vogue Online

"As I find myself less in Bavaria these days than I'd like, I sort of assumed my lebkuchen days had passed me by. Which is why I was beyond thrilled to discover Leckerlee, a New York based lebkuchen-only bakery selling beautifully decorated collect-em-all tins of my long-lost holiday cookies."— Alessandra Codinha


"I watched [my German-born husband] Michael take his first bite, assessing the spice blend, tender crumb, and fragrant aroma before devouring the chewy round and pronouncing it 'the real thing.'"— Grace Young

Ruth Reichl's Blog

"And then I discovered Leckerlee. And it was like being a child again. These are the real thing. Chewy, gingery, spicy, nutty – with that completely tasteless but compelling wafer on the bottom. It is, for me at least, Christmas in a single bite.” — Ruth Reichl

Food & Wine

"Packaged in a red patterned tin, Leckerlee’s spice cookies are big, tender and fresh-tasting.”


"Through founding Leckerlee, Lee also tapped into an unexpected, and rather astonishing, side story. It turns out, her beloved Christmas cookie played an instrumental role in the survival of two families of Jewish Holocaust survivors."— Leah Koenig

New York

“Even German expats find these gingerbread cookies (lebkuchen) baked on the Lower East Side by a lebkuchen obsessive named Sandy Lee bafflingly authentic — and delicious."