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’Tis the Season — Our Seventh Here at Leckerlee!

Whether you’re walking through holiday markets or shopping online, Leckerlee’s name will be easy to spot this season.

As Leckerlee kicks off its seventh season in business, we’re busier than ever before. We’ve carried the same Nuremberg-style lebkuchen formula into new locations — and new tins — so that cookie lovers across America can enjoy this German treat during the holidays.

What is lebkuchen?

What can you expect when you see the distinctive tins in a nearby store or online? Inside the collectible tins are hand-baked gingerbread treats that taste like a cross between a cake and a cookie. Each treat contains nearly 40% almonds and hazelnuts, along with marzipan, premium spices, candied citron & orange peel, and a signature wafer bottom (which are known as “Oblaten” in Germany), just as you’d find at the finest artisanal lebkuchen bakeries in Nuremberg. We offer classic lebkuchen, dark chocolate-covered lebkuchen, or a mix of both.

Where is Leckerlee’s lebkuchen?

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, it’s easy to shop for Leckerlee’s tins. If you live in New York or are visiting the city for the holidays, look on the shelves of our holiday booths at the Union Square Holiday Market (Booth B21) or the Columbus Circle Holiday Market (Booth B61).

Can’t make it to New York? This year, Leckerlee has partnered with major department stores and companies like Saks Fifth Avenue and Whole Foods Market (NY, NJ, CT, and Northern California locations) to make us easier to find locally in your area.

View a complete list of our locations and retail partners here.

We’re also excited to announce that Leckerlee is now international: Pusateri’s is our first Canadian outlet to open its doors to Leckerlee lebkuchen.

’Tin the Season

In addition to our new locations, we’re also excited about this season’s three new tin designs:  

  • Snow Day - A beautiful blue-and-white winter scene inspired by Japanese design makes this new tin an instant collectible. The 9.5 oz tin contains 7 mini lebkuchen (6 minis if you order all Chocolate). Unfortunately, this tin is now sold out.
  • Block Party - A follow-up to our popular NYC-themed design from 2012, “Block Party” is the perfect choice for friends and family born or living in New York. Contains 5 lebkuchen in the assortment of your choice.
  • Carousel - Looking for a stocking stuffer for kids? We recommend the 9.5oz “Carousel” tin that features children playfully riding a merry-go-round.

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    Where Do Lecklerlee Tin Designs Come From?

    Here at Leckerlee, we believe it’s the inside that counts — but when it comes to our lebkuchen, what’s outside is important, too. 

    That’s why we make every effort to decorate our tins to match the treasure they’re holding. From city scenes to snowflakes, our tin designs all tell stories to bring joy to Lecklerlee customers.


    We get a lot of questions about Starry Night, one of our more unique designs, so we decided to share its story here.

    Bringing Beautiful to the Ordinary

    Starry Night is inspired by Wiener Werkstätte, a movement from the early 1900s that elevated everyday objects into forms of art. Established in Vienna, Austria, Wiener Werkstätte brought together architects, artists, and designers who believed that all areas of life should offer beautiful design and craft — from furniture to ceramics to fashion.

    The movement’s founders, Koloman Moser and Josef Hoffmann, were both members of the Vienna Secession. A progressive alliance of artists, the Secession believed in Gesamtkunstwerk, or “total work of art.”

    By 1903, the Wiener Werkstätte had expanded to a three-story building of artists specializing in metalwork, leatherwork, bookbinding, woodworking and a paint shop. These artists used their skills to add art and design to teapots, cabinets, jewelry, lamps and more. 

    Much of the work produced at this facility was embraced by the Viennese elite, who desired "contemporary" items in their everyday décor. Customers would furnish their homes entirely with Wiener Werkstätte creations and showcased jewelry as if it were artwork. However, they saw its value in artisanship — not the materials.

    Modern-Day Werkstätte

    Wiener Werkstätte designs today can be recognized by their distinctive stamp of abstract geometric shapes and unique color palettes. Shops and galleries inspired by Wiener Werkstätte can take the form of:

    • Crystal
    • Dinnerware
    • Jewelry
    • Wallets
    • Lighting
    • Stationary
    • Textiles

    And, perhaps most importantly of all, lebkuchen tins. Our Starry Night tin is inspired by the rich Bavarian panorama of some of the region's most famous icons.

    The tin contains five lebkuchen (1 lb) in your assorted flavors of choice. Your selection of Assorted (our most popular option), Classic, or Chocolate flavors.

    Get your very own while supplies last!  


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