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Andre's Basler Leckerli Andre's Basler Leckerli

Andre's Basler Leckerli

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  • Chock full of almonds, honey, spices & orange and lemon peels, Basler leckerli (translation: treats from Basel, Switzerland) are like a distant Swiss cousin to lebkuchen, so it's no wonder that we're quite obsessed with these addictive, deliciously chewy cookies.

    We were delighted to discover that Andre's Confiserie Suisse (of Kansas City, MO) has been making Swiss leckerli cookies from a centuries-old recipe from Basel ever since the current proprietor's grandfather immigrated to the U.S. in 1955. Andre's leckerli is truly authentic, and as good as the best we've had in our extensive travels throughout Switzerland.

    If you're a fan of Läckerli Huus in Switzerland, you will surely enjoy these Basler läckerli.

    Baked with only the highest quality ingredients (they even candy their own peels!) and without preservatives.

    Available in a 12oz box (with 24 pieces). 

    Storage Notes from Andre's: The nature of the product is dependent on the weather so in the dry, winter months, the cookies are inevitably harder. Try this tip: store the leckerli in a jar with a slice of apple overnight. The leckerli will reabsorb moisture and become softer!

Customer Reviews

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Found: Original and Proper Basler Leckerli in USA

For years, I've ordered leckerli directly from Basel in order to get the flavorful favorite I enjoyed during my years studying at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Kleine Basel. Now after such a long time, I don't have the red tape, long wait, expense and freshness issues associated with getting this specialty directly from Switzerland. This, in my opinion, is not like lebkuchen and is far better. It is more like the lightest version in a bar cookie form of light textured fruit cake with the emphasis on light cake as opposed to fruit merged with a slight amount of cake. The bars are just the right size to provide a treat without overdosing on the flavours all at once. Slowly enjoy this with a warm cup of your favorite holiday beverage. Savor the joy it brings during this wonderful season. Thank God for Andres -- they rock this recipe.

Jonathan Hunt
Leckerli Order

The Leckerlis were almost as good as those my mother used to make for Christmas. She was from Basel and was a master baker, so I would say you did a very good job. I was a bit disappointed in the amount of cookies for $35, but do realize it is a rare, specialty product and am satisfied with my purchase.

Margaret Hudgings
Like mother used to make

Our family loves these Basel style cookies. They are very similar to the ones my mother used to make. They are expensive but worth the cost. The ingredients are of the finest quality, and you can taste the difference.

Mary Leary
So Yummy 😋

I love the gingerbread flavor of the mini cookies. The chewy texture/mouth feel was so satisfying too.

Elke E Kuhn
Once was enough

The pieces were dry yet clung together as a block. So it was a bit messy eating them.

Hi Elke, sorry to hear that. The Basler leckerli can occasionally stick together depending on the relative humidty of the environment. I'm not sure if that is what caused the issue you saw, but we'll follow up separately to find out more and make it right.