Limited-Batch Lebkuchen

  • Limited-Batch Lebkuchen
Limited-Batch Lebkuchen Limited-Batch Lebkuchen Limited-Batch Lebkuchen

Limited-Batch Lebkuchen

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  • In time for Valentine's Day, we've created a brand new flavor: milk chocolate gianduja-covered lebkuchen! 

    Gianduja (pronounced john-DOO-yah) is an Italian confection made of chocolate and hazelnut paste (think Nutella, but a purer version made with real chocolate and without palm oil).

    For a limited time, get our Nuremberg lebkuchen coated in a delicious mixture of creamy milk chocolate and medium roasted hazelnut paste. 

    The inclusion of hazelnut paste lends this soft and smooth, melt-in-your-mouth coating a texture similar to fudge, rather than the firm and snappy texture of ordinary chocolate.

    Pick your usual favorite flavor selection -- Classic, Assorted, or Chocolate -- and enjoy it combined with two milk chocolate gianduja-covered lebkuchen in this limited batch (see the second photo for more information).

    Warm weather advisory: this milk chocolate gianduja is sensitive to warm temperatures. If the ambient temperature is 80°F or higher where you live, we recommend delaying shipment of this item, or contacting us for expedited shipping options to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition.

    Milk chocolate gianduja coating ingredients: sugar, hazelnuts, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, soya lecithin. CONTAINS: HAZELNUT, MILK.

Customer Reviews

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oregon tuba mom
A great combination!

These were good, but as a die-hard dark chocolate fan, I prefer the "regular" dark chocolate covered lebkuchen to the limited edition ones. Maybe a white chocolate version? Or a straight milk chocolate version in the future? So glad you are trying out some new ideas!

Tara Schmidt
Love it

I love all of the lebkuchen! This version, however, is extra special with the creamy texture of the chocolate and just the right balance with the spices in the lebkuchen. I would absolutely choose this again.

Great lebkuchen, not tasting the gianduja?

Great lebkuchen (as always from Leckerlee!), but I only seem to be tasting the traditional lebkuchen spices? I love hazelnut and Nutella, so was really excited about this new flavor. I think the recipe needs to be adjusted with a little less of the traditional lebkuchen spices, and more gianduja?

Limited batch lebkuchen

I prefer dark chocolate to milk so really like the original chocolate lebkuchen better. However, my brother did like the milk chocolate version.
Thank you for letting us try a possible new product.

A delicious addition!

These lebkuchen are the very best! I love the gianduja addition!! It’s not as sweet as most milk chocolate. I really hope it’s an option next Christmas! I fear for my waistline!