Where do you bake?

For the 2019 season, we have relocated our baking to the Denver, Colorado area! Prior to that, we baked our lebkuchen in the Bronx, NYC. In the early days, we used to bake out of Melt Bakery's kitchen on the Lower East Side in NYC.

When is Lebkuchen Season?

We only produce lebkuchen seasonally, typically from October through the end of January. Some years, we will do a one-time, off-season batch during the spring, so be sure to join our mailing list if you want to be notified!

Lebkuchen Shelf Life

Lebkuchen enjoys a naturally long shelf life, and we don’t use any artificial preservatives in our products. We recommend that you eat the lebkuchen within a few weeks for optimal taste and texture, but as long as you store your lebkuchen in an airtight container and in a cool, dry place, you can continue to enjoy your lebkuchen for over 3 months. Should the lebkuchen lose some of its moisture, try this old trick: add a piece of sliced apple to the container for a day or two and then remove it. Refrigerating or freezing lebkuchen will extend its shelf life considerably. However, please note that the freezing and defrosting process may alter lebkuchen’s texture slightly – it’s still good though!

Nutritional Info

You can find caloric and other nutritional information for our lebkuchen here.

Order Processing

We typically process orders within 1-3 business days. You should receive an email acknowledgment of your order after completing the checkout process and another one when your order is ready for shipment.

US Shipping

We offer free shipping on any single order over $85, and $9.95 flat-rate shipping on all other orders. For most orders, we ship via USPS Priority mail, which in our experience typically takes 2-4 days. For certain large orders, we often ship via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery, which can take between 3-6 business days.

Shipping TO CANADA

We currently ship to Canada, and the shipping rates are as follows:

Order Value Fee Service
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$60.01-$95 $50.95 USPS International Priority Mail
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If your order amount is over $145, please contact us and we will manually look up the shipping cost.


We can ship to other countries, but the shipping costs are often prohibitive. Roughly speaking, you can expect to pay the following shipping cost for USPS International Priority Mail, which typically takes 6-10 days.

Items in Order Approx. Fee
1 $55
2 $60-$65
3 $65-$70
4-5 $70-$80

Please email info@leckerlee.com and we can provide the exact cost of the shipping for your order.

Order Packaging

We pack our lebkuchen with sufficient cushioning, but please understand that some light breakage may occur during shipment. We cannot be responsible for packages left unattended, stolen, or damaged after they have been delivered to the address specified.

Deferred Shipping (for Christmas, etc.)

Want your order to go out at a later date? Just specify the week (Dec. 7th, Dec 14th, etc.) you’d like us to ship your order in the comments box upon checkout, and we’ll wait to process your order until then! Please note that our online payment system only gives us the option to charge your card within a few days of the order date, so we must charge your card even though the order will not ship until a later date. The only way around this is to place your order closer to the desired ship date.


We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. It’s simple and secure to place your order through our website – however, you always have the option of placing an order with us over the phone at 347-827-1460 if you prefer.

Gift Orders

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Multiple Orders to Different Addresses

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Sales Tax

Our products are not currently subject to sales tax.