Our Mission

As the only U.S.-based lebkuchen producer specializing in authentic Nuremberg-style lebkuchen, we have a lot of pride in our product and practices!

We’re driven by two things—to bake the highest quality lebkuchen possible, and to help bring moments of holiday joy to you, our customers.

Here’s how we do that:


Most imported lebkuchen has a relatively low nut content, ranging from zero to 25%—the bare minimum required by German regulations to be considered Nürnberger Lebkuchen. In contrast, artisanal lebkuchen bakeries in Nuremberg opt for at least 40% nuts. We do too.

This gives our lebkuchen premium texture and flavor. It also means that our first listed ingredient is nuts, not sugar!

Click here to see a comparison of Leckerlee lebkuchen against other popular brands in the U.S.


At Leckerlee, we take great care to use only top-notch ingredients. Skipping the artificial preservatives and additives often found in imported brands, we source ingredients specially for their purity and potency.

What you won’t find in our lebkuchen: apricot kernels (a cheap substitute for almond paste), potassium sorbate, diglycerides, pyrophosphates, or sorbitol.

What you will find: sustainably grown almonds and hazelnuts, aluminum-free baking powder, and spices that are cold-ground to preserve their essential oils.

It’s all for the flavor.


Another core aspect of our process is small-batch baking. The lebkuchen you see at the store or sold through Amazon, World Market, and other retailers is typically mass-produced (some brands make 3 million a day), and it gets shipped all the way from Germany usually just once a year. That means that by the time you eat your lebkuchen, it could be months old.

Leckerlee lebkuchen arrives fresh, no matter when you order it. We bake throughout the holiday season so you can experience lebkuchen in its prime.


In keeping with the German tradition of gifting lebkuchen in beautiful tins, we offer a few new designs every year. Often mixing European and vintage motifs with contemporary sensibilities, they’re tiny pieces of timeless (and functional) art that can keep reminding you of happy, cookie-filled memories.

We’re not shy about it: Our lebkuchen is the best in the U.S.! We go above and beyond to offer a superior product, informed by tradition, integrity, and a pure love for baking.

We can’t wait for you to taste the difference.

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