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Blumen Tin

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  • Taking inspiration from early 20th-century floral designs by the Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna Workshops), this springtime tin features geometric poppies blooming in a gorgeous pop of color.

    Contains 7 Nuremberg mini lebkuchen (6 minis if you order all Chocolate), in your choice of Assorted (our most popular option), Classic, or Chocolate flavors. Assorted contains 4 Classic and 3 Chocolate minis. Net weight 9.5 oz.

    Our tins are heavyweight and carefully embossed, imparting a high level of finish that feels distinctly from another era. Measures 4.63" in diameter & 3.8" high.

Customer Reviews

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Inga Juzysta

These are the most elegant not too sweet cookies ever!

Incredibly good!

I rarely give reviews. I’m doing so here only because I am very impressed! This is an exceptionally superior product. Most importantly, the cookies are delicious with great flavour and texture. The packaging is also very high quality with amazing graphics and design. Customer service is above par as well!

Catharine Bevona
Best Lebkuchen Outside of Germany

I really enjoy and look forward to getting these Lebkuchen. I love the chocolate covered ones the best. They remind me of what I got from the bakeries when I was visiting Germany.

Frank Eckstein
A Holiday tradition for sure

When I was young, which is many decades ago, my family always order Lebkuchen from a company named Ericanns, not sure if I spelled it correctly. A couple of years ago I ran across Leckerlee and thought I’d try them to see if they were like what I was used to when growing up. Well they taste exactly like the ones we had. Love them and our family loves them now. Having the mini size is a good idea.

Judy Lederer

I wish I could rate at ten stars-this annual treat always fills me with smiles, and the tins are perfect gifts. When empty they can be used year round, adding beauty to a kitchen