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Mini Lebkuchen
Lebkuchen Forever
Authentic Lebkuchen with So Much Love & Care

Mini Lebkuchen are in a perfect size of a 3-4 bite afternoon treat (with coffee or tea). No need to break in half of the original size ones. Honestly, I often finish the larger original size one in one sitting.
I’ve been treating my family members & friends with Leckerlee each year and it’s truly a special treat for many of us. And all very much appreciate them.
The quality is consistent every year and I could rely on the quality & care every time. Can’t recommend enough to all others.

Alpine Meadow Tin
Renee Horey
Great job!!!

I'm Austrian my home town is St.ANTON am Arlberg. Your Lebkuchen is perfect, your spices are perfect, all in all great quality, Renate Horey

Mini Lebkuchen
Long-time Customer
Excellent Quality

I have been ordering Leckerlee for several years — a LOT of Leckerlee - small and large size, varied tin designs, plain & chocolate. They are top quality, and make excellent presents to relatives, friends, colleagues. For relatives, I tell them to return the tins and each Xmas I order bags of Leckerlee w/o the tin, refilling my existing tins. I admire how the owner expanded her business over the years.

Vienna Tin
Judy Lederer

what a treat when these cookies arrive for the season. The mini lebkuchen with a cup of tea are as close to culinary perfection as one can get

Mini Lebkuchen
Katherine Gurun
A heavenly bite!!!

The is the best lebkuchen I have ever had including the three years I spent in Austria and 30 years in Europe.. The mini’s are
wonderfully moist and chewy but the perfect size for a heavenly bite! And a perfect size to share.! It is a pity Michelin stars aren’t given for Lebkuchen!

Dove Tin
Lisa Matthews
Lebkuchen assorted mini

I gave them as hostess gifts !
Everyone was so pleased to receive the beautiful dove tin & know that these cookies come from a long tradition of Swiss bakers!
I usually bring cookies from Andres during the year.
Thank you !
Merry Christmas!🎄⭐️

Silent Night Tin
Jennifer Rowe
Christmas Gifts

I purchased several tins of the mixed cookies. The tin was beautiful and perfect for gift giving as I am sure it will be repurposed once the cookies are gone! What a nice tradition having a new tin every year. Cannot provide a review of the cookies until after the gifts are opened and devoured on Dec. 25!
Happy Holidays,

Peter Hoppmann
Best I've ever tasted!

I grew up in a German family and always enjoyed Lebkuchen this time of year ....but the ones from Leckerlee are absolutely the best I've ever tasted!! So fresh and so flavorful - Heavenly!!

Andre's Basler Leckerli
Deb R from Florida
Finally found Basel Leckerlee!

I have loved Baseler Leckerlee since my family in Basel would send it to us for Christmas (back in the 1960's! I've searched for recipes and sources for it for years, and so I was thrilled to see it on the agenda this year! Thank you. It is much as I remembered it!

Mini Lebkuchen
Jan Franz
Delicious Treat

I received an email about the lebkuchen & wanted to give them a try. Brought back wonderful memories of my mother’s homemade lebkuchen. Delicious & the perfect holiday treat. So good with a hot cup of tea or cocoa.

Silent Night Tin
Alex Juchelka
Not a 5* lebkuchen…

10* : )

Love the tin

We support small business owners. We love the tin!

A delicious Christmas tradition! So excited to see the tin designs every year and enjoy the Lebkuchen.


Perfect for the season!

Don't sleep on this

after receiving a box of the original lebkuchen as a gift, I immediately went online and bought literally one of every type: original, chocolate and the assorted PLUS these minis. ALL OF THEM WERE BEYOND DELICIOUS!!! the minis are great because you get all the flavor of their bigger counterparts but in smaller portion sizes on those days when you just want a tiny dessert. I am so happy I found this company and look forward to future purchases every fall/winter season. mahalo!!!


I was born in Basel Switzerland,
The ‘Basler Leckerli’ I ordered are very good.
They don’t last, every body eats more than you would expect. ( if you order, make sure to get double then what you think is enough.)
Childhood memories come right back.
Thank you.

O Tannenbaum Tin

Most delicious cookies ever

Someone was giving these out last year and I had to hunt down the name of the company and order some for myself, they are that delicious! My only wish would be individually wrapped smaller sizes!

O Tannenbaum Tin
Deedie Goodwin Lutz
So Glad to Find You

I love the Leckerlee cookies!!! Plus, their customer service is one of the best around. I sent cookies to my daughter for Thanksgiving and I was going to be there to share. I wasn't sure they would arrive in time for me to try and contacted Leckerlee. They sent them out early to assure that I would be able to taste them while visiting. They are great!!! I am planning on ordering for Christmas. Thanks Sandy for a really positive experience.

A love story

My husband and I have each been getting a tin of these delicious delights every year for the past five years! We hide them from each other! Yes, grown humans who love and respect each other and share the rest of the year, hide these cookies from one another… shamelessly, because they are that good! And they have been every single year! Year after year! These perfectly spiced darlings have become one of our favorite (and silliest) holiday traditions and the tins just make it over the top special sweet! Thank you! 🩷

Absolutely spectacular! Exquisite!

The assortment was wonderful! Every one an absolute delight. Each bite was an adventure in taste, a perfect blend of sweet and spiced flavors that danced on my tongue, leaving us craving for more.

Michael Falsetta

texture Too wet this year. Wafer on back too back and falling off, etc. Sill tasty, not bad..but feels like quality control isnt there this batch,

Hi Michael, thank you for sharing your feedback, and we're sorry to hear about these issues. We must have made an error with your batch and will follow up with you to learn more and make it right. Regarding the wafers falling off, we do see this happen to the lebkuchen occasionally, possibly due to conditions of humidity and temperature. They remain attached after baking, and it tends to happen later after they have been packaged. Unfortunately this aspect is quite random and out of our control.

Better than the German ones!

I am German, so I know. These Lebkuchen are so delicious and have such a high standard of quality, you’d be hard pressed to find their equal anywhere. Both chocolate and sugar are great, so get one of each!

Mini Lebkuchen
Jennifer Campbell

Loved our mini Lebkichen! So delicious. Loved all the nuanced flavors. I’ll never eat another kind of gingerbread cookie again.

Dove Tin
Delicious and beautiful!

Bought this beautiful dove tin of Leckerlee’s Lebkuchen as a gift for a friend also of German heritage. Happily she shared a piece with me! Delicious.