Desert Bloom Tin

  • Desert Bloom Tin
Desert Bloom Tin Desert Bloom Tin Desert Bloom Tin Desert Bloom Tin Desert Bloom Tin

Desert Bloom Tin

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  • Desert winters mean sunlit days, cool nights, and enduring greens. Featuring iconic favorites like the prickly pear, saguaro, and jumping cholla, the Desert Bloom tin is a regional exclusive designed for Whole Foods locations across California, Arizona, and Nevada.

    Don’t miss out on this special design—our online stock is limited!

    Contains 7 Nuremberg mini lebkuchen (6 minis if you order all Chocolate), in your choice of Assorted (our most popular option), Classic, or Chocolate flavors. Assorted contains 4 Classic and 3 Chocolate minis. Net weight 9.5 oz.

    Our tins are heavyweight and carefully embossed, imparting a high level of finish that feels distinctly from another era. Measures 4.63" in diameter & 3.8" high.

Customer Reviews

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So delicious and tasty for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but being honest, they totally remind me of my German Christmas many years ago. Thank you!


Can’t wait for next season to order more cookies. They are a little expensive, yes, but they are unique and fun, and you won’t regret making it a holiday tradition! Treat yourself!

Joel in Portland, OR
Tin ❤️

I’ve been a customer since your first year. I really enjoy the delicious lebkuchen but I truly love the tins!

Candi C-T

Friends loved this gift! A real success. The quality really made an impression and the cookies were delicious and gone too soon!

C. N.

The Best! I gift Leckerlee gingerbread cookies every year; selecting and choosing a decorative tin specific to the recipient makes it fun and personal. The service( communication all through the process from ordering to delivery is spot on! Remember to “gift” yourself an order of these delicious treats.