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Lebkuchen Bruch

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  • In Nuremberg, you can often find Lebkuchen Bruch -- lebkuchen that taste great but might have some cosmetic imperfections -- at a nice discount.

    We occasionally have lebkuchen that don't make the cut for our standard boxes or tins, and we'll make them available here at 50% off. ** When available, we request that you purchase only one box at a time to allow others a chance to buy them. 

    You'll get our same signature Nuremberg lebkuchen or mini lebkuchen, but they may be cracked/broken or otherwise imperfect in some way. Chocolate lebkuchen may have some streaks or areas that have come out of temper (the taste is not affected).

    Our Lebkuchen Bruch come packaged in our standard boxes marked with a "Bruch" sticker.

Customer Reviews

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Susanne Swift

Yummy tasting cookies, excellent quality & great tin. I received my cookies and tin in record time.

Lisa K.

The lebkuchen are soft and perfectly spicy. We love savoring them in our household.

Angie Johnson
The best!

We were given a package from a cousin, and we were hooked after the first cookie. They taste like Christmas so I ordered more and passed them on to other family members to enjoy. I can only afford seconds once a year, and that’s ok. I’ll order again next year!

David P
THE best Lebkuchen this side of the Berlin Wall!

And probably the other side too. I love this Lebkuchen and no holiday season is complete without it!! I first discovered it at a Williams Sonoma eight or nine years ago and have been hooked ever since. I cut up the big ones, pop them back in the gorgeous tin, and enjoy a piece every morning with coffee. In the afternoons I'll have another with espresso. The sugary glaze on top, the spicy gingery meaty interior, the funny little wafer on the bottom, they are such a delight!! I buy them throughout the holiday season and stock up in February to last through the Spring. Then I suffer through the Lebkuchen drought of summer until Fall when I start the delicious Leckerlee Lebkuchen cycle all over again!

Lisa Tobias
Love me some Leckerlee!

Do not miss these outstanding treats - just like grandma used to give us.