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Lebkuchen Bruch

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  • ** When available, we request that you purchase only one box at a time to allow others a chance to buy them. Please note, as Bruch only become available occasionally, they should not be added to orders with deferred ship dates.**

    In Nuremberg, you can often find Lebkuchen Bruch -- lebkuchen that taste great but might have some imperfections -- at a nice discount.

    We occasionally have lebkuchen that don't make the cut for our standard boxes or tins, or may be up to two weeks old, and we'll make them available here at 50% off.  

    You'll get our same signature Nuremberg lebkuchen or mini lebkuchen, but they may be cracked/broken or otherwise imperfect in some way. Perhaps we baked too much in a given week and want to clear them out. Chocolate lebkuchen may occasionally have some streaks, but the taste is not affected.

    Our Lebkuchen Bruch come packaged in our standard boxes marked with a "Bruch" sticker. Occasionally we will also have Bruch available in tins, which may have very minor cosmetic imperfections.

Customer Reviews

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Monika Bonn-Miller
Best Lebkuchen there are!

Fantastic, moist, full of the good stuff and actually pretty healthy... ❤️
I am German

Gabrielle Weinberger

Our friends love them so much we might have to get more!

I’m so excited to receive my purchase from Leckerlee

The bruch was imho just as good as the “perfect” product. I’m glad I took the risk!

Barbara Kassel
Best Lebkuchen!

I have been ordering for many years and they have never disappointed! Great for gifts! And I love to have them with tea and coffee. Superb.

Susanne Swift

Yummy tasting cookies, excellent quality & great tin. I received my cookies and tin in record time.