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Mini Lebkuchen

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  • Get our signature Nuremberg lebkuchen, in a smaller portion size (~45% the size of traditional lebkuchen), packaged in 1-pound boxes of 12 mini lebkuchen (11 minis if you order all Chocolate).

    Select your desired bundle (1, 2, 4, or 6 lbs.) & choose your flavor (Assorted is our most popular option, with 7 Classic and 5 Chocolate minis). ** IMPORTANT ** Please be sure to select the right bundle to get the correct bulk pricing. For example, select 4 lbs. mini lebkuchen from the drop-down menu, rather than purchasing four 1 lb. lebkuchen bundles.

    Buy in bulk & save:

    • 1 lb. of mini lebkuchen: $30.00
    • 2 lbs. of mini lebkuchen: $56.00 (save 7%)
    • 4 lbs. of mini lebkuchen: $109.00 (save 9%)
    • 6 lbs. of mini lebkuchen: $158.00 (save 12%)

    Tip: Buying several containers for the discount but don't want the same flavor? Just specify your preference in the Order Notes at checkout.

Customer Reviews

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Truly Are the BEST

This was my first time ordering my lebkuchen from Lekerlee, I will be ordering from them again. The BEST lebkuchen I have been able to find in the US.

We love these delicious Lebkuchen

Every year, my kids and I can barely wait until we finally get the go-ahead that we can order Lebkuchen from you. Though I am from Germany, I find it safe to say that I have never eaten better Lebkuchen than yours in my life. They are moist and you can taste the outstanding quality and freshness. I like to buy the minis as portion control, otherwise I would finish the whole box in a day. Though my kids are all grown and live far away from me, it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t send each of them at least one box of Mini Lebkuchen. Thank you for making our Christmas special yet again!

delicious as always!

every year i indulge myself and friends and every year it is wonderful!

So yummy!

Better than some of the ones I’ve had in Germany.

Worth every penny

I love Lebkuchen. I love Lebkuchen so much that I ordered a pack of Leckerlees even though the price tag made me wince. I can now report back that these Lebkuchen are head and shoulders above the rest and worth their weight in gold. They are intensely nutty and delicious, and the tin is lovely too. Best find of the year! Will be stocking up.