Snowy Pines Tin

  • Snowy Pines Tin
Snowy Pines Tin Snowy Pines Tin Snowy Pines Tin Snowy Pines Tin Snowy Pines Tin

Snowy Pines Tin

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  • In this winter-themed design, you can almost feel the wind whipping across the snow-covered fields, as the pines huddle encased in snow and the snowy owl watches all.

    Contains 7 Nuremberg mini lebkuchen (6 minis if you order all Chocolate), in your choice of Assorted (our most popular option), Classic, or Chocolate flavors. Assorted contains 4 Classic and 3 Chocolate minis. Net weight 9.5 oz.

    Our tins are heavyweight and carefully embossed, imparting a high level of finish that feels distinctly from another era. Measures 4.63" in diameter & 3.8" high.

Customer Reviews

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Babs K
Totally wunderbar!

Such a lovely thing, from the decorative tin all the way to the last crumb. Customer service from Leckerlee is equally high quality and delicious. I wait all year for the season to resume. Lebkuchen are a holiday treat, and possibly I might not appreciate them quite so much if they were here all year.

Vernona E

I love lebkuchen, and these chocolate-covered ones from Leckerlee were the best I have ever eaten! I also am very happy with the lovely "Snowy Pines" tin, with its snowy owl.

Lisa Jellinek

Incomparable, delicious — it wouldn’t be Christmas without them. They make great gifts, too!


Gave as an early Christmas gift to my brother-in-law. He absolutely loved them and he's hard to please :) Super fresh and yummy.

A holiday tradition

Ever since we discovered Leckerlee at the NYC Union Sq holiday market a couple of years ago, we are hooked. This year we sent tins as presents so family can indulge in the joy we have been enjoying in the winter months. Thanks, Leckerlee! You are providing a ray of sunshine in a very dark and disturbing world!