Wintery Village Tin

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Wintery Village Tin Wintery Village Tin Wintery Village Tin Wintery Village Tin Wintery Village Tin

Wintery Village Tin

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  • Our signature Nuremberg-style lebkuchen - baked in small batches - fill one of our most popular tin designs depicting a snowy Old World village in winter.

    The freshest, most delicious lebkuchen available outside Germany (& many say inside too), Leckerlee lebkuchen are the real deal. Combining our proprietary cold-ground 9-spice blend with the highest nut content you can find anywhere (nearly 40% almonds & hazelnuts by weight), our lebkuchen are a richly spiced, moist & chewy treat that will surely become part of your winter holiday tradition. Our season is short, so get it while you can!

    Contains 5 lebkuchen (1 lb) in your choice of Assorted (our most popular option), Classic, or Chocolate flavors. Tin made of premium heavyweight tinplate (makes a gorgeous & memorable gift).

Customer Reviews

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Marie Finch
Spend Christmas in Germany

When I was a child, my parents' friends in Germany sent us a big box of lebkuchen every December. It was a wonderful treat. Leckerlee's Lebkuchen is just as good--actually, even better--than the lebkuchen from my childhood. Moist, sweet, and delicious--one tin is never enough, so order several while they are in season. Yum!!

Karen R.
This was a gift

How am I supposed to review it. I sent it to someone else

Ulrich Ernst
Bringing back memories of Christmases past (in Germany)

These Lebkuchen are delicious. The chocolate covering is rich and thick, and I love the ones with the almonds. We keep coming back for more.

Roger Lang
The Real Deal

These are great, old fashioned, up-until-now hard to find lebkuchen, made with real care and real ingredients. Not cheap, but here you get what you pay for. If you know or want to know what real lebkuchen tastes like, try these and you will be back for more.


I found out about this Lebkuchen via Luisa Weiss' blog, "The Wednesday Chef." The Lebkuchen arrived freshly made and is the best Lebkuchen I have eaten. For years I have sought a facsimile of the Lebkuchen I ate while living in Germany. Leckerlee has provided an authentic, delectable product.