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What IS Lebkuchen?

Leckerlee has been providing authentic Nuremberg lebkuchen to people across the United States since 2011, but not many of our customers know the full, fascinating story behind these delicious German gingerbread treats. 



Lebkuchen History

Lebkuchen was once known as “honey cake” to the people of Medieval Europe, but its roots stretch even farther back than that. The ancient peoples of Rome, Egypt, and Greece regarded honey as a gift fitting of the gods, and some believed the honey-rich cakes contained healing powers. By the 13th and 14 centuries, lebkuchen as we know it today was being baked in Germany, with the type of lebkuchen produced in Nuremberg — a round-shaped gingerbread made with an abundance of nuts — being the most famous. Other types of lebkuchen include white lebkuchen, which has higher egg content, and brown lebkuchen, made with a syrup dough and covered in chocolate or glazed with sugar. Lebkuchen has become synonymous with the winter holiday season and is, traditionally, gifted to family and friends in decorative tins.

What Makes for Good Lebkuchen?

Baking authentic Nuremberg lebkuchen is a time-honored craft, and a variety of factors can affect the taste of this moist, delicious dessert that’s half cake, half cookie. Chief among them is the quality of ingredients — and we here at Leckerlee use only the finest. Our Nuremberg lebkuchen is made using premium spices, candied citron, and minimal wheat flour. High nut content is also a hallmark of quality lebkuchen, which is why Leckerlee strives for an overall nut content of nearly 40 percent. Perhaps the most important factor in baking quality lebkuchen, however, is the quality of the chef. Leckerlee’s founder, Sandy Lee, first fell in love with lebkuchen in Berlin and dedicated over a year to crafting her own take on the centuries-old recipe.

Where Can You Buy Lebkuchen?

Lebkuchen is widely available in Germany, and you’ll find many websites willing to ship to the United States. But beware! There’s no guaranteeing the quality of product you’ll receive, as a quick comparison of the ingredients used in our lebkuchen versus those used by our competitors will show you. 

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